The Rotary Club of Chadderton and Failsworth along with the Rotary Club of Oldham were pleased to sponsor once again a ‘Young Carer’s Day Out’.

This day organised by the staff at Positive Steps provided an opportunity for these young people to relax with their friends who have similar daily responsibilities, caring for family members.

The Mayor of Oldham, Councillor Ginny Alexander and the Youth Mayor, Samah Khalil, along with the Presidents of the two clubs, Chris Green and Colin Platt and a number of Rotarians from the two clubs, met the young people as they boarded the coach outside Positive Steps on Union Street.

40 young people along with adult support from Positive Steps staff were looking forward to a day at Lightwater Valley Theme Park and also to the opportunity to spend time with their friends.

The two Rotary Clubs have been helping Young Carer’s for many years by providing finance from their Charity Funds and recognising the tremendous dedication these young people have towards the people they care for on a daily basis.

The clubs were pleased and grateful that the Mayor responded to their request to attend and it seemed very appropriate to have the Youth Mayor present to see them off.

The two clubs wish to thank all the people of Oldham who support the clubs in raising money for local Charities which enables them to finance this day out for Young Carer’s. They also acknowledge a financial grant from Rotary District 1285

In the Photograph are the Mayor Councillor Alexander, the Youth Mayor, Presidents of the two Rotary Clubs, members of the clubs and most importantly the young people anxious to set off for their day out.

Comment from Mayor of Oldham

‘This morning the Oldham Youth Mayor and I went to Positive Steps to meet Martin Sutton, the Young Carer Project Manager, along with Brian Evans and Chris Green from Chadderton and Failsworth Rotary Clubs. We also met Colin Platt and John Ashworth from the Oldham Rotary Club. The rotary clubs organised and paid for the young carers to have a day trip out to Lightwater Valley Theme Park.
These children well deserve their day out and have a break from caring for a member of the family. We waved them off and told them to enjoy the day. It was so lovely to see their happy, smiling faces.
Well done to the Rotary Clubs and Positive Steps for this. Don't forget they are all looking for volunteers, so if you want to help have a look on their websites for contact numbers.
I hope you all have a lovely day out. You are all phenomenal young people and deserve it so much. We are so proud of you.’


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