At a ceremony at Biddulph Town Hall, last Wednesday, Biddulph Rotary President ,John Robinson and Deputy Mayor, John Jones, presented the Biddulph Young Citizen Awards to four winners of 2019.

Some years ago Biddulph Rotary took over the running and administration of the Acorn Awards Trust, and has been making the awards to the winners at an annual ceremony.
The Rebecca Harris Trust which originally administered the Acorn Awards was started in 1989 by Frank Harris in memory of his daughter, who tragically died young in a road accident..

This year the Awards have been renamed to reflect more obviously, their scope and meaning. They are open to any young person (up to 21years of age) from Biddulph who has made a significant achievement in the sporting, academic or artistic field, or alternatively to a young person who has performed an act of unusual perseverance, courage or service to others.

The three successful individual nominees receive a framed certificate and cheque of £100. An award of a certificate and a cheque for £200 is also be made to a designated group of young people who also satisfy the criteria..

The three individual winners of the trophy, this year are:

Peter Coombes, in recognition of his volunteering work with the project 'Trust in South Africa. Taking a year out after leaving Biddulph High School, he showed great initiative, courage and compassion, working for 12 months with young people with behavioural problems and very poor living conditions, helping with the restoration of a church and dormitories for young people. Peter has achieved a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and is now studying at Liverpool University.

Lucy Eardley is a student at Woodhouse Academy, and has shown great courage and tenacity in dealing with a medical condition which affects both her speech and mobility, both at school and at home. She has tried successfully to overcome this disability, and has even completed a 400m race, despite falling part way through, to loud applause from her school mates.

Saskia Roberts, has earned the award in recognition of the dedication, leadership skills and initiative that she has shown in her voluntary work. raising over £15,000 for the Peter Pan Centre for children with special needs. She has also acted as a youth leader at the Biddulph Youth and Community Zone and the Girl Guides.

The Group award went to a group of youngsters from Woodhouse Academy who originally came to Biddulph Bowling Club in their games periods and have since developed into a potent team, representing the club in some league games. their achievements have proved to be an inspiration to their school mates, and attracted several more of them to follow them.


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