Now meeting at the Culcheth Sports Club (Daten) the Rotary Club of Newton & District Jubilee, enjoyed a very successful 2018. Attendance at Culcheth Community day, Croft and Winwick Carnivals, repeating the annual Culcheth Beer Festival and the popular Halle Concert, concluding with Father Christmas travelling with his Reindeer Float, enabled us to raise nearly £14.000.00 to distribute to local, national and international Good Causes and Charities.

We continue to work closely with local high schools via the Rotary Youth Speaks competition, the Excitement of Science talks given at Liverpool University, and the presentation of academic and non-academic prizes. Primary schools have received funding assistance for play area and nursery equipment and the provision of “A Dictionary 4 Life” to pupils moving from junior to senior school education. We supported 23 other local causes and charities particularly scouts, guides, cadets and organizations working with people with learning and other disabilities.

However, Rotary is not all hard work; we have had many interesting speakers on diverse subjects such as “St Kilda – the Lonely Isles”, “The North West Passage”, “The Enigma Machine” “A Brief History of Liverpool & it’s People” and “Speedway History” (with speedway motor bikes on display). A recent fascinating tour of Media City learning first-hand about Radio and Television broadcasting techniques, and seeing also some of the more familiar sets and costumes, was followed just recently by a visit to the Museum of Policing in Cheshire, a hidden gem of Warrington’s past interestingly set in the cells of the old Arpley Street Police Station. Entering through a Dr. Who Tardis, exhibitions of uniforms, weaponry, under water searching, knives recently surrendered and many other aspects of police work are displayed in the cells. This is a well informed and conducted tour ending in fun as visitors are encouraged to dress up in some of the old Police uniforms – see photograph.


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