It’s all over for another year,

After our last session at Morrison’s on Christmas Eve we celebrated the end of our Christmas collections with a very welcome pint in the Irwell, after what has been a highly successful December. We put the sleigh to bed for another year, pondering on what needs to be done for its next outing. but time for that much later.

We have had the results from our treasurer Ken who has confirmed that we have had a very successful December; apparently we raised over £350 on Friday night with the collection and £450 for the concert so it's a big thank you to the Fundraising Team and to everyone who was able to help at a very busy time of year. Thanks to all who sold tickets, with a special thank you to the Funeral Care Centre in Holcombe Brook & to Althams of Ramsbottom.

We had a total of 19 outings filled by Rotarians, family & friends. The sleigh was out and about the streets of Ramsbottom from the 1st to the 24th December. We had several new friends join us this year, guys helping to tow and men in Santa suits, with a number of PTAs helping along with the Venture Scouts, St Andrews Scouts and the Kayak Club.

We raised a total £4320, which oddly enough was just £10 down on last year.

Many thanks to all concerned and Best Wishes for 2019


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