On Friday 19th October, the Greater Manchester and Cheshire Rotary eclub were presented with their Charter and became fully fledged members of Rotary International. It has taken them a lot of hard work to get here, but now they can operate in their own right under the Rotary banner. They started as a satellite of Stockport Lamplighter Rotary Club.

Link to charter night photos

They are a brand new type of Rotary Club, ideal for busy people. They currently meet fortnightly by video conference, with the occasional face to face meeting. This format of Rotary is perfect for those that haven't got time for it! Now there is time - if a member can't get to the meeting, there will usually be a recording for them to catch up in their own time.

They also do the charitable work that Rotary is well known for, both locally and in the international community, as well as the fundraising to be able to do this. They are Rotary without all the old fashioned frills. Their motto is "having fun while helping others" and so far they have certainly done that!


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