Just a portion of the Hospital Equipment collected by Leigh Rotary.

Just a portion of the Hospital Equipment collected by Leigh Rotary.

An initiative by Rotary Clubs in the “Wigan 7” Group has been declared a roaring success!

Many people have been astonished that they have not been able to return Hospital Equipment after they have finished using it, even when it still looks brand new. That has recently changed as Wigan Council now has a department that can clean, repair and refurbish Crutches, Zimmer Frames, Perching Stools, Commodes, and Wheelchairs etc.

The problem is that facilities didn’t exist for collecting such equipment, which has accumulated in people’s houses over many years, so local Rotary Clubs stepped in to organise a collection of surplus equipment on Sunday, 18th February.

After the collection at the Tesco store in Leigh, Rotary Club President Brian Mills said, “This was a terrific community project, saving money for the local Hospital Trust. It was a win-win situation where people could create some more space at home and at the same time give the hospital the opportunity to refurbish and recycle surplus equipment. More than 150 items were collected, including 89 Crutches and Walking sticks, 30 Zimmer and Walking frames, 21 Washing and Toilet aids and 4 Wheelchairs, with some being brought from as far away as St Helens and Horwich. We would like to thank the general public and Leigh Tesco for their support.”

In a co-ordinated effort, similar collections were made by the Rotary Clubs of Tyldesley with Atherton, Astley, Wigan and Ashton-in-Makerfield.


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