Ninety years before the Declaration of Independence in America, a group of people known as the Society of Friends left England to practice religious freedom. They included one Thomas Massey, who was born here in Marple in 1683 and was 20 years old when he arrived in Pennsylvania. Though he was an indentured servant when he arrived, he served his time and eventually was rewarded with land and built a large house and had seven children. He is one of the founders of Marple Township in Pennsylvania, which has now changed its name to Broomall.

The President of the Rotary Club there, Paul J Quintavalla, got in touch with us in 2011 and since then we have exchanged news, gifts and Christmas Cards. On their website we are named as their sister club.

Paul has risen in the Rotary Hierarchy and recently appointed District Governor Elect. None of our members has ambition to emulate him, though we have Marple’s answer to Bill Gates, in Mike Yates, who has done a great job for Polio Eradication by going in India for their Immunisation Days and taking fellow Rotarians on numerous occasions.

Paul and his members have recently been to Venezuela to help this disturbed country. Though none of our members have visited their club yet our friendship is well established and mutually beneficial.

Chris Farnsworth
New Mills, Marple & District Rotary


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